chicken of destiny

practicing sorta 

pchat is the best place for floof dogs


decided to colour this as practice since i havent done much but doodle lately

ps commissions are still open yall

my doodles from pchat

smore sketches from pchat

anyanyananatomy practos

some animal crossing doodles because ive been playing the hell out of this lately

Heres the new commission page, coupled with a matching pretty transparent one on my art blog, featuring the same old same old and a new thing called little monsters that are really fun to draw and very cute for you!

My goal is to raise 1000$ dollars by November, so I can move out of my mothers house and back in with my boyfriend! I’m bound and determined to get there, but I need some cash money$$$$

To commission me, send me a good ol’ ask or drop me an email at

Payments made by paypal, and also check out my handy dandy donate button, featured on all of my tumblogs!

a tiny redraw of a fishlady i did a while back, because im feeling unmotivated